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What a website builder is:

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create a website without any html, css, php and javascript code knowledge.

You get a set of web elements that you can add, edit and manipulate over pages of your website.

Once you are happy with the result you can publish your new website and it becomes available to all other users of the internet.

What you get with Logision Website Builder:

What it can do that not all website builders can

Styles through all pages

Choose and apply style to all pages and similar elements of your website. You dont need to edit every single element if you decide to change the font or color.


Group elements into plugins and use them multiple times on one page or many pages. All changes done in a plugin are applied to all its instances.

Freedom of layout

Your website will not look like thousands or even millions other websites. We dont limit you to placing elements into predefined places, instead you have freedom of moving the elements wherever you want.

Works on mobile devices

Mobile devices are very handy and we are sure that you would love building your new website in the most comfortable place. We do our best in giving you the same experience on all devices.

Free version

You can start using the free version of our website builder and upgrade later when you need more features and power.

Get all your work

We dont lock you to our system. If you decide to migrate to another hosting or service provider there is an option to download all your website files.

Why Logision?

Logision top features:

Logision ecosystem

New technology for your business optimization. With Logision you are getting access to an ecosystem of business software at low costs.

Logision cloud

All our systems are located in our unique cloud storage. You can be sure that all information is safely stored and will be available for you.

Free version

All our systems are offered for free with only extra features payed.