About Logision Account

Logision account is your starting point into the Logision world. With one Logision account you can access all Logision products and services.

When you create your account you automatically get access to two basic services:

Logision messaging service allowing you sending mail inside Logision system and

Logision drive allowing you to upload and store content in Logision Cloud.

If you would like to use Logision services for your business, create a business account.

You can use Logision App Builder for creating a ERP or other systems that are needed for managing your business or life. It is very simple.

We have already created many modules that you can start using straight away for free. You can edit any module to make it ideally suitable for your unique needs.

To get your Logision account go to Creating Logision account page. If you have any troubles with signing up read Creating Logision account help page.